The Origins of Casinos

The actual origins of gambling date back to the days before recordkeeping, but actual casinos are a relatively new development. Understanding the history of casinos and how they came to be may help players develop a deeper appreciation for their favorite venues.

Before Casinos

During the 17th century, gambling games that already existed were incorporated into parties held in mansions or castles owned by Europe's royalty and upper-class. As the popularity of these gatherings grew and more and more people began to attend, entire cottages and summer homes were transformed into 'gambling areas' to make things simpler for everyone involved. As time passed, even the middle class got involved with gambling and began to infiltrate these homes, sometimes hosting their own parties, as well.

The First Legal Casino

Since gambling was most prominent in Italy and people of all classes enjoyed the pastime, it comes as no surprise that the first legal casino ever documented opened in Venice. Known as the Casino di Venzezia, this venue featured several different card games and allowed people of all social statuses to gamble. Stemming from this, a handful of other casinos opened their doors during the 18th century, as well. Due to legal issues that prompted the closure of the casino and a failure to keep up appearances, it eventually closed before being reopened during the 1900s.

Other Countries Get Involved

As the years passed and the casinos in Italy showed promise, France was not to be outdone. In its capital city, Paris, several casinos opened their doors and boasted posh environments and high betting limits that only the wealthy could afford. This changed over time and now current laws and social views allow everyone to gamble in France. Later, casinos also opened their doors in Monte Carlo, South America and even the United States.

Casinos are great venues that provide entertainment, food, drinks and socialization unlike anything else in the world. Thanks to the Italians and their perseverance, everyone can enjoy gambling on just about any budget.

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