The Limitations of 3D Casino Software

Although online casinos are certainly popular, one of the largest complaints from players is that the graphics cannot compare with the actual sights in bricks-and-mortar venues. Though many developers are successfully creating 3D graphics, there are some limitations of which players should be aware.

Poker Rooms are the Biggest Hit

Since 3D software was introduced several years ago, it has become very popular in online poker rooms. Though the popularity of these rooms has much to do with the love of poker itself, it is thought that the 3D graphics are just another incentive for bringing new players in through the virtual doors. In fact, some of the software in these poker rooms is accompanied by a video feed featuring a live dealer.

Computer Requirements

Though 3D graphics are certainly desirable, consumers must remember that their computers must be able to display them. Smaller computers and laptops without the proper video cards are often unable to display these graphics, leaving players frustrated over lagging game screens and the inability to see things properly. Also, remember that 3D graphics play heavily on the battery and will drain it much faster than their standard counterparts.

Hosting and Bandwidth Issues

Another thing that must be considered when running casino software that has 3D software is the capabilities of the server, including the speed of the internet connection and the ability of the company to keep up with demand. These graphics are very data-intensive and require a very fast internet connection in order to display properly. To get around this, players can download the software, but this means they will only be playing free versions of the games as multiplayer games rely on the internet.

As technology continues to get better, it is very likely that 3D graphics and software will continue to improve until all of the bugs have been worked out. Until then, players should expect at least a few glitches here and there.